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St. Patrick's Day 2013 
Park Avenue Tavern
St. Patrick's Day 2012
Park Avenue Tavern
June 2011

The Norwood Inn
Avon, NJ

About the band...

The Avon Barksdales started in 2009 playing every summer Sunday at The Norwood Inn in Avon-by-the-Sea, NJ. We spent the winter of 2010 celebrating St. Patrick’s Day along the Jersey Shore and in NYC.

YES! That’s Avon, with a short “A” sound– named after our hometown (more or less) at the Jersey Shore with a play on the character from the tv show, “The Wire.”

In the Summer of 2010, we were down to 3 band members as our fearless founder moved overseas. We got together with our friends, Hillside Jive and played together as The Barksdale Jive all summer totaling eight gigs around the Jersey Shore! We rocked St. Patrick’s Day in NYC at the now-closed MJ Armstrong’s where members of our band had played for years in duos, trios and finally full band.

2011 and 2012 brought on another summer at the shore where we added some gigs down the road at The Columns in Avon, NJ. We learned more songs, added some top-40 radio hits, added a keyboard and kept on playing. We also moved our St. Patrick’s Day gig in NYC over to the Park Avenue Tavern.

We are still going strong after many summers of music together!


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