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The Actor's Project NYC

Company Director

Ann is currently the Company Director of The Actor’s Project NYC, a theatre company that assists actors land representation through professional Industry Showcases and Off-Broadway original plays.

Credits include:


  • A Night to Be Scene: a sketch-comedy showcase, Assistant Director, October 2015

  • Season 33 Showcases, Co-Director, October 2015

  • Season 32 Showcases, Assistant Director, June/July 2015

  • A Night to Be Scene: a sketch-comedy showcase, Assistant Director, March 2015

  • A Night to Be Scene: a sketch-comedy showcase, Assistant Director, November 2014

  • Season 31 Showcases, Assistant Director, February 2015

  • Season 30 Showcases, Assistant Director, October 2014

  • Season 29 Showcases, Assistant Director, June/July 2014

  • Season 28 Showcases, Assistant Director, February 2014

  • A Night to Be Scene: a sketch-comedy showcase, Assistant Director, November 2013

  • Season 27 Showcases, Assistant Director, October 2013

  • Season 26 Showcases, Assistant Director, June 2013

  • Season 25 Showcases, Assistant Director, February 2013

  • Small Town Scandal in the Big City, Assistant Director, December 2012

  • A Night to Be Scene: a sketch-comedy showcase                                       Assistant Director, October 2012

  • Season 24 Showcases, Assistant Director, October 2012

  • Season 23 Showcases, Assistant Director, June 2012

Oak Knoll School

Summit, NJ

Ann co-directed the musical at her alma mater, Oak Knoll School in 2008 (Little Women, the musical) and 2009 (Once Upon a Mattress). For 8 weeks, she worked with the students (grades 7-12) on their acting skills running improv workshops, vocal and breathing techniques, blocked scenes and assisted with choreography.

All Stars Project, Inc. 

Newark, NJ

Youth Onstage! is the youth theatre program of All Stars Project, Inc.  Classes and workshops are offered to the students, aged 14 to 21 by professional theatre artists who design their own piece of the curriculum.

In the summer of 2008, Ann was asked to be a visiting artists to teach one afternoon class. Basing her work with the students on breathing and its relationship to the voice, it was an eye-opening experience for many of the young people, as none of them had done work like this before.

Testimonials from the Youth Onstage! director on Ann's class:

“…we heard that one of the students who took your class has a friend who stutters. He told his friend that he should consider joining our program to take one of your voice classes!”

Another student referred to your class when we had a big group discussion. He mentioned how calming it was and how he’d never met anyone as calm as you before! Needless to say you made an impression!”

Algonquin Arts Theatre

Summer Stage

Manasquan, NJ

Seeing children discover what they can do on a stage is so inspiring! As a Teaching Artist at Algonquin’s Summer Stage Camp, Ann spent a week working with children ages 6 to 15 in her self-designed theatrical curriculum.

Through the work,  the students discovered how important it is to listen on stage, to stay alert, to give and communicate their message. The week culminated with a performance of an original play written by the kids in just two days.

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